Important things to know.........

Each goat kid for sale will be disbudded and up to date on vaccinations.  If seeking a bottle baby please let us know right away so your kid can be started on a bottle the first couple days. If you desire horns on your little one(s), please let us know ASAP as well.  Otherwise all kids will be disbudded as needed, which is usually the first week or so.  All wethers will be "neutered" before going home at no extra charge.  We will also provide "Goat Care Information" prepared for new goat owners taking home kids.

Please be aware that these sweet little Nigerian Dwarf goats are herd animals.  They require the companionship of at least one other goat. One goat by itself will be lonely.  Two wethers, two does, or a doe and a wether (neutered male) will do well together.  However, a buck and a young doe should never be housed together.  A buck is capable of breeding  at a very young age (3 months!) and a doe should not be bred until much, much later.

As the kids are born, we will add them to our "FOR SALE" page.  You may reserve the one(s) of your choice with a non refundable deposit of one half of their purchase price. This may be paid by money order, personal check or cash. Deposits should be received within 5 days after letting us know which kid you have chosen. The remainder is to be paid in cash at the time you receive your kid.  

Please ask any questions you may have before reserving your kid/kids.

4 Boot Farm reserves the right to retain any kid born on our farm at any time.
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